We are Expanding!

20 02 2012

Just a quick note to let everyone know we are expanding our product line.. Within the next few weeks we will have Bath Salts, Bath Milks, and a Total Facial Serum that will knock your socks off! Or more accurately your wrinkles and blemishes and discoloration out of the park. All Natural of course. There will be complete sets in some of the lines such as the Sweet Sunshine and Champagne Dreams. We will have Sea Salts and Goats Milk and a touch of Argan Oil. With winter hovering over us here in Colorado, it has been very productive for creating new formulations and new products. Look for more Flower based and Water based scent combinations. Stay in touch and watch the blog and website for all the new announcements. A final note, we have also added a new page to the website, still in progress unfortunately, that lists the attributes of the Essential Oils we currently use. Enjoy and talk to ya soon!