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Good Morning!  Well it is for me as I write this October 15, 2011 7:02 am.  My name is Ann Jagitsch and I am the Owner/Designer/Chief Bottle Washer of MBA Body Essential.  MBA Body Essential creates and sells homemade bath and body products.  I started about 3 months ago with an idea to make my own sugar scrubs and it has grown into much much more. 

I am a 47 year old single working “Mompreneur” with a 6 year old daughter who is wonderful, dogs, cats and various fish.  We live in Colorado Springs and have the best view of Pikes Peak you can get without paying an arm and leg.  I do have a full time job as an Association Management Supervisor that I love, much to most people’s surprise.  I think I have a wonderful life and would not change a thing except to stop aging of course.  🙂

The creation of my products has become a very interesting and exciting activity that I decided to share with others.  I did not start my business to become rich but only to be able to share the excitement I have found in these natural products and to earn enough to keep purchasing new ingredients to design new and exciting and beneficial bath and body products for anyone who wants to have and feels they deserve that sinfully angelic skin and body they had when they were 20.

My hope is that through my blog I can continue to introduce you to me and what I do and why I do it for the fun and love of the hobby.  I will over time provide you with more anecdotes on our life, my successes and failures in designing new creations, show you how to do it yourself, and provide you with a location to purchase what I think are some of the greatest easier and freshest natural products you can find anywhere.

Check out the web site to see what I am doing and watch for future blogs that I hope will educate, entertain and give you a smile.  www.MBABodyEssential.com

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16 10 2011
Angella McKinley Trout

Way to go! I am from Divide Colorado (i’m sure you know where that is) I now live in New Mexico but visit often as my parents still live there. The hardest thing about blogging is just that blogging, keeping at it. Do this and you’ll be great! I started with the same passion while in school and fell in love when we covered this part. Look forward to seeing more of your post!

19 10 2011


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9 12 2011

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2 05 2012
tabata hiit

Do you have a Facebook fan page for your site?

3 05 2012

yes i do.

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