How to avoid winter dry skin

6 12 2011

Well winter is here!  Today in Colorado Springs it is currently -3 and the furnace is running at full tilt.  This situation will continue now for at least another 3 months or so and it is not just in Colorado.  Even in the deep south, it is cold and furnaces are running.

All of this dry heat inside and cold dry air outside has a negative impact on your skin.  You can combat these effects with just a few simple skin care changes.

  • Our bodies are primarily water.  In the winter the dry heat in the house and the cold dry weather outside suck the moisture from your body.  We all have heard that you should drink at least 8 eight ounce glasses of water a day.  In the winter it is important to increase that amount.  Many people don’t drink enough water as it is, and soda, coffee, and alcohol do not count.  In fact these drinks will further dehydrate your body and your skin.  So drink at least two more glasses of water each day than you normally do and it will significantly help ward off dry winter skin.
  • Nothing feels better than a hot bath right?  A soak in a hot tub is fabulous after a cold day.  Well hot water strips your skin of moisture.  So a better option in the bath is to use warm water instead.  This will limit the stripping effects.  No hope to correct a hot tub soak, but, well…that just can’t be helped.  So a warm bath instead of a hot shower.  And adding some Essential Oils or a Carrier Oil such as Hemp Seed Oil or Grapeseed Oil can be beneficial.  But be careful if adding the Carrier Oils as they will leave the bath oily and slippery.  Better add a little Baking Soda with the Essential Oil and you will be highly surprised how soft your skin feels.  Also do not rub to dry off but pat and that will keep the skin from being stretched and creating small fissures in the skin that can eventually become flaky.
  • Exfoliate at least weekly.  If you are prone to dry skin you may want to exfoliate all over twice a week.  Be sure to use a gentle product like Sweet Sunshine Sugar Scrub or CranberrySpyce Sugar Scrub ( ).  I exfoliate face, arms, and legs daily during the winter with my products because they are gentle, foaming and moisturizing all in one.  I have doing this since I started in May 2011 and have no flaking or dryness at all.  It is wonderful!
  • Use a high moisture content body wash and not a bar soap.  Bar soaps generally will dry out your skin due to the high lye content necessary to create the bar style soap.
  • Finally moisturize extensively.  A heavier product is necessary during the winter months to offset all of the negative impacts your skin receives from dry and cold air and the continued temperature changes you expose your skin too.  Be careful to not just add more of a light weight moisturizer which could potentially clog pores and create a whole new problem to deal with.  The more natural, quick absorbing and thick the product the better.  It will also provide a barrier to help seal in the moisture.  The best time to apply is directly after a bath or shower (warm of course).   Many moisturizers do not provide additional moisture but only seal in the moisture already in the skin.  Our Body Butters being pure butter and oils do add moisture to the skin, are thick and soothing without leaving your skin greasy.  We use light oils and Shea and Hemp Seed Butters so the combination gives quick penetration, you don’t have to wait 30 minutes to dress, and leaves a well moisturized barrier to the weather.  Try a citrus scent like Sun Glow Body butter that smells light and fresh going on and fades quickly so it does not compete with your perfume or other scents.  Or try one that has a lasting scent like Champagne Dreams or Haunting Meadow.  These scents fade leaving just a trace that you will notice and those closest to you will as well.

I hope that these suggestions will give you some ideas of how to combat the dry skin problems we all encounter in the winter months.   Give yourself the sinfully angelic skin you deserve or give it to a loved one.  Christmas is almost here order soon before stock runs out.

Until next time.

Ann Jagitsch