Halloween – New Use for Sugar Scrub

1 11 2011

Halloween has now come and gone and the candy sits on the kitchen table just calling my name.  Hershey’s chocolate bars, Three Musketeers, Milky Ways.  Then there is the taffy, Skittles, and the most evil of them all Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  Oh Reese’s are the worst, I can’t eat just one, and I think my daughter only got 4 in her bag, so can’t sneak any.  😦

As I have mentioned she is now 7 and a big girl so we had a big girl costume, a Leopard complete with the hair “makeup” and face painting.  Yep, Mom did it all and I have to say it came out pretty good.  Until this morning.  Ugh….the  hair makeup is all over her pillow, black and orange.  And even after using the “greasier” grease face paint remover, I can still see remnants of her Leopard spots on her face.  So this morning was a chore to remove the last remaining evidence of Halloween,

I had already decided that I would have her use the sugar scrub, Sweet Sunshyne, for her face.  She loves using the scrubs anyway so that would be perfect.  And it was.  All the remaining spots disappeared and there emerged my little girl again.  Yea!  Now for the hair.  Rinse.  No difference.  Shampoo.  A slight improvement.  Shampoo again, oh no we were in trouble.  The gold color came out right away but the black and the orange….she looked like a drenched orange striped cat!  And just about as happy.  What to do?

Inventive Mom that I try to be, I figured why not try the Sweet Sunshyne Sugar Scrub on her hair.  It worked great on her face so maybe it would do for the hair.  And it did, fabulously!  Since it has a foaming action as well as the essential oils and sugar it was wonderful.  I just took a good scoop of it and worked it in like normal shampoo.  When we rinsed…low and behold there was a blonde baby girl again.  And she smelled great too.  I was honestly stunned that it worked so well. 

I don’t think just any over-the-counter scrub would work like this one.  My scrubs have emulsifiers and foaming agents and a high percentage of carrier and essential oils and no water to thin it out.  It rinsed out beautifully and left her blonde locks shiny and conditioned and light, no sticky feeling or clumping like all the conditioner and shampoo did not get rinsed out.  Now I would not recommend this formula to be used daily, it is not made for that purpose, but in this instance it was a blessing.  I am going to try it myself tomorrow and see what happens. 

Maybe I have stumbled upon a new product.  Could it be that I am that creative and innovative?  I guess we will see.  I will report later how the experiment goes and maybe have to add a new page on the web site for hair products.

My First Sugar Scrub

17 10 2011

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