15 12 2011

Good morning! In looking at inventory for the end of the year I will have overstock of Orange Spyce Foaming Body Butter. So for a limited time I will be giving away 4 ounces of Orange Spyce Foaming Body Butter with every 4 ounce or higher order of any product. It is a fresh and homey scent. Foaming Body Butter serves as a soap and moiturizer in one without the oily tub when you get out. Free giveway is good for any order received between now and December 19, 2011.

New Stuff to Share

12 12 2011

Just finished up two new products. Champagne Dreams Body Scrub as a special order and CocoMynt Body Butter made with pure Coco Butter and Shea Butter and a little Hemp Seed Butter. Should turn out much softer than straight Coco Butter.

Holidays are here!

15 11 2011

Does it seem like it should be the Holiday Season yet?  It sure does not to me.  But, all the stores are advertising for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, decorations are showing up and I still haven’t even planned what to have for Thanksgiving yet!  What does the Holiday Season mean to you?  Is it a time for family and friends, giving thanks for all the good and bad from the past year?  Is this a religious time for you or commercial?  For me it is somewhat all of these things.  With a 7 year old at home, well the big feast, as she calls it, on Thanksgiving is a big thing for her and all about the turkey and the chocolate pie.  Christmas well what more can be said, Santa and Rudolph, a christmas tree, glittery things and most of all her request for BIG presents.  She even told me she did not care what was in them so long as they were BIG!  Funny and sad at the same time.

Well MBA Body Essential is trying to take all of this into consideration.  With some specials for the holidays and in honor of the season, I will also offer an additional Free Surprise to all clients who order by December 15, 2011.  Something to enhance the season and tantalize the senses.  I hope to have sufficient orders that MBA Body Essential can contribute a portion of the year’s income to a charity to help those in need.  We should all help those in need and not only at the Holidays don’t you think?  Most times giving is forgotten in this commercialized society and it should not be.  I will admit that I am as guilty as you by forgetting that while my month may be tight or I can’t get that cute pair of shoes for my daughter, there are others who can’t eat and are desperate to just feed their children.

So back to the new stuff.  For those that have been checking out the web site you already know that I have created some special blends for the holidays like Cinnymint, Candied Fruit, and Chocolate Frosting.   I have been playing around with some others as well.  One of the newest made for a friend’s girlfriend is Mystic Rose.  A body butter that is a combination of Rose Otto, Cedarwood, and sandalwood.  It is just perfect.  What was surprising was that even without Cinnamon in the blend it gives off a slight Cinnamon base note.  Not too flowery either.  This may end up as a standard product. 

Another new blend was made with kids in mind.  Yes kids LOVE the sugar scrubs.  The blend consists of Anise (smells like liquorice) with a touch of Apple and Cranberry.  May have to turn this one into a bath bomb for more fun in the tub.

The final fun blend was made for those men that still use a regular blade razor.  This blend is a Foaming Body Butter scented with Bay and Lime and a touch of a secret scent.  It is really all male but certainly useful for women as well.  Leaves the skin soft and moisturized.  Simple soap and water only leave the skin feeling dry and tight.

If you have not yet signed up to follow this blog, Facebook page, twitter, linked in, or the web site I would encourage you to do so.  You will hear first about new products and specials not provided to the general public.  In order to take advantage of the specials you must note on your order that you read the blog.

Wishing everyone a great Holiday Season.  Keep in touch and watch for the next installment of entertainment.