Announcement – Soon to come!

12 03 2012

I am within one week of announcing some new products for my loyal and new clients.  Here is a breakdown of what is to come.

Young Bamboo Fresh – a facial serum that will knock your socks off and get rid of a couple of other things you would like to forget you have.  LOL

Oceans 4 – no it is not a movie starring beautiful people, but it will leave your skin beautiful, your tootsies fabulous, and your senses charmed and calmed.

Where Did It Go (WDIG) – this body oil in different scents to match your mood and desires will keep you soft and silky, never oily, and leave you wondering “Where Did It Go”

I want to thank all my colleagues on Linked In who helped me name Young Bamboo Fresh.  I appreciate your inputs tremendously.

Krystle Skin – A New Specialty Line

2 03 2012

I am pleased to announce that we are almost ready with a new luxury line developed exclusively for Krystle Skin.  The products we are formulating for Krystle Kelly, a model and entrepreneur from California, will be based on three lines; a Lotus Lie, a Tiare Line, and a Rose Line.  The products have been in development and testing for about two months and we are now in the final phases of solidifying the signature scents.  All of the scents derived in all three lines are created using Essential Oils and other natural products, there are no synthetic fragrances allowed.

The Tiare line will be the deepest line with butters, and creams, foaming sugar scrub gentle enough for your face, bath salts, bath milks, body oils and bath oils just to name a few.  The signature scent for this line is based on Monoi de Tahiti.  This oil is truly fabulous.  It is made in Tahiti with pure coconut oil infused with the Tiare Flower which is a gardenia from French Polynesia.  It is sweet and subtle and imparts so many benefits.  Additions will be Jasmine, and Ylang Ylang, Bergamot and the slightest touch of citrus.  This is a sweet gentle and yet subtle flower scent that will invoke visions of the islands without that “suntan” smell.  This line will meet all the requirements for certification as Monoi de Tahiti.

The Lotus Line is the intensive treatment line.  Lotus is a very unique and exotic fragrance that can only be found in the true absolutes from the east.  There is an intensive facial serum with Argan, Camellia, Meadowfoam, and B-3 among other goodies to help prevent aging.  It is never too early to take great care of your skin.  If you are 20, 30, 40 and beyond this serum will do wonders for your skin’s elasticity, cell regeneration, moisture, and wrinkle reduction or prevention.  There will also be a companion facial cleanser made with Shea butter in a souffle style matrix so that you may easily use simply your fingers to cleanse the face and not have to pull and drag the skin with a pouf or wash cloth.

The Rose line will be based on Rose Otto which is the purest Rose scent available.  It is not overwhelmingly Rose like some of the products you see on the shelves made with fragrance.  We will have one very unique product in this line called Rose Petals.  These are real live Rose petals dipped in a clear moisturizing Rose soap and dried to be used one petal at a time.  You have never seen anything like this and will make a truly unique gift or guest bath addition.  A toner will be in this line with Rose and Carrot Seed and Chamomile and NO alcohol.

So as you can see we have been very busy lately in development of this new exclusive luxury line for Krystle Skin.  You will be able to find my products only at  I will have a link to this website permanently on my web page so you can easily find them.  These products have intrigued me and I will be developing some of the same type products such as bath salts, and body oils for my own lines in citrus, earthy notes, and different flowery notes for all of you who love these lines already.

I am very excited about this project and hope that all my followers will try some of them when we are all done and they are ready for sale.  Keep awake and watch the blog or my website for announcements and new products.

Have a great Weekend,